World Premiere

by thetubamonster

I forgot one other thing!

Yesterday I performed the world premiere of Tuba Piece no. 1 – for tuba alone and live electronics by ME!!!!!

Despite a minor false start (for forgetting to turn on my microphone!) the performance went rather well I think. The piece is sound in concept. I think I need to write a bit different musical content. The electronic component went really well! I programmed the electronics using Max/MSP and ran my sound through a PreSonus AudioBox USB into one of LSU’s hemispherical speakers. The sound and sounds were awesome! The experience was exhilarating! I’ve never been so nervous in my life for a performance as I was yesterday.

Anyway, it went well, it is over, and the piece may not ever see the light of day. A refined version of it definitely will, but probably not this version. :-)

Stay tuned for more on my compositions. It is an emerging side of my creative life that will only get more busy!

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