US Army Band Tuba Euphonium Workshop

by thetubamonster

I’m here in Washington DC for the US Army Band Tuba Euphonium workshop. This morning i left Baton Rouge and flew with my tuba on the plane next to me. It was actually quite easy. The flight attendants all freaked out when they saw me walk into the plane. They said “No, honey, that won’t fit.” and I said “It has it’s own seat” to which they said, “oh. You’re all good then.”

I am staying at the DC Hostel, which is very nice. I just finished dinner. Earlier today I had a rehearsal with the fabulous Caryl Conger. I’m so lucky to get to work with her again.

Tomorrow, I will be a guest of Col. Tim Holtan and the US Army Field Band at Ft. Meade. I will sit in on one of their rehearsals and then have lunch with Col. Holtan and his wife, Laurie. They are old family friends whom I haven’t seen in 15 years or so.

My performance is on Friday at 1:30 eastern time. My cousin, aunt, and uncle are all coming. Hopefully, my godfather will be here, and a few other friends and family will be listening via the live audio broadcast being set up by the army band.

Here is the link to the main schedule of the conference. Simply find my recital (Friday at 1:30 eastern) and join the live stream. Hopefully it works!!

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