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by thetubamonster

Wow, it has been a while since I’ve updated!! It seems that about every month I get to a point where enough has happened that I need to share. So, here we are, about a month since my last post, and I am going to share!

There have been a lot of developments on several fronts here in the Red Stick.

The one that is coming up the closest is the Experimental Performance Series that I am curating. As you may or may not know, I applied for (and received) a fellowship here at LSU for this semester through the Janice H. Pellar Creative Arts Entrepreneurship Series. This fellowship has supplied me with tools and a budget with which to do stuff. The stuff I chose to do is team up with my friend, William Conlin, and curate an experimental performance series here at LSU. The purpose of this series is to raise money so that next school year, a contemporary performance techniques class can be offered that will be cross-listed between the music and theatre areas here at LSU. The dates and program of those concerts are as follows:

Friday March 30, 7:30PM, LSU Recital Hall – In C by Terry Riley
This will be a ‘cattle call’ style performance in which the audience, should they have an instrument with them (hint, hint!!!) can participate. There will be a short lecture as to how the piece unfolds followed by a realisation of the piece.

Wednesday April 18, 7:30PM, LSU Recital Hall – Experimental Lagniappe
This recital will feature works by Morton Feldman, Christian Wolff, Andy Larson, William Conlin, and others. It will be a forum at which any experimental performance can be had. The program is still in the works for this one.

Monday April 30, 8:00PM, Royal Ballroom in the LSU Student Union – A Happening
This performance will feature the piece Eight by John Cage as it’s centerpiece. Occurring simultaneous to this musical performance will be movement and dance, painting, drawing, drama, poetry, and a myriad of other artistic events. Audience members will be free to move around the space as they wish, focusing on a particular piece of art being made, or sit back and enjoy the flood of creativity that they will be witnessing.

Donations will be accepted at all three of these concerts.


The next big thing on my agenda is my dissertation. I have a study carrel checked out in the LSU Library, so I have a space where I can go to study quietly and privately. It also serves as a holding space for all the resources I have checked out. I am currently finishing my prospectus and hope to have that turned on on Thursday. Following that, I need to have my document finished by May so that I can have revisions done in time for a defense in mid June. Then, graduation would be August 3rd!


As for my travels, I hear on March 16 about my submission to NIME. I hear May 1 about my submission to ICMC. I am going to the Creative Arts Summit in Claremont, CA in March. I am going to Baltimore for Maryland Deathfest around Memorial Day weekend. I am going to Kalamazoo, MI for the International Women’s Brass Congress at the beginning of June. I am going to ITEC in Linz, Austria. I am going to the Jeju International Solo Competition in Jeju Island, South Korea in August. All my updated performance dates are listed on my Performances page.

Thanks for reading!

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