by thetubamonster

There’s been quite some time since my last update. This seems to be a trend for me. Sorry about that, and thanks for coming back each time!

The first two concerts in the Experimental Performance Series have come and gone and the third is fast approaching. I do have a booth recording as well as a video recording of the second concert. My goal is to piece together the video with the house recording and get some videos on YouTube soon. Stay tuned for news on that! It is highly dependent on my ability to learn how to use Final Cut so it may be a while…

The third concert is April 30 at 8PM in the LSU student union Royal Ballroom. It is a happening in the vein of John Cage. It should be alot of fun! If you are in the area, please consider coming out and seeing what we are up to.

I am still planning to be in Kalamazoo for the Susan Slaughter International Brass Solo Competition in early June in 2012. Later that month, I am traveling to Portugal to rehearse for a world premiere at the International Tuba Euphonium Conference in Linz, Austria.

There’s a lot of possibility for where I will be living come July, so stay tuned for updates as information comes in!!!

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